Problems faced by a person who wants to open a retail store

Monthly expense in renting of a store.

Sale your product by yourself or hire an employee.

Large amount of investment in interior of the store.

High expenses on marketing of the product through agencies.

Expenses in billing system and software.

High security deposit paid to the owners.

Expenses of creating hoardings and banner of the store.

Broker fees

Monthly expense in maintenance of a store.

Other Expenses: Power backup, AC, carry bag, and utility items

And If you are depended on online market, then here is retail market ration as per outlook business it’s 93.3% offline and 6.7% online.

 Because of trust issues and return/ refund issues many online platform also going back to retail market

And here is the solution

My Slab Program (MSP)

About Webloons Malls

WebloonsMall is a variety product Retail Store Chain.  

We make it easy for small and Micro Business /Product /Brand owners and entrepreneurs to have your own space in WebloonsMall and sell their product’s in Retail Market!

WebloonsMall’s “My Slab Program” is a low cost & low risk platform.

We Use Digitally Influence shopping format 

We Believe in fastest process, chipset cost and highest growth.

What is MSP at Webloons Mall?

MSP stands for My Slab Program.

MSP is a subscription-based service that gives you the opportunity to sell your product in a retail store.

WebloonsMall launched MSP to support you and your business as a brand. Our goal is to give small businesses the tools to work and look like big businesses. With our support in both online and offline ways, you can boost your business without a large amount of investment.

Key features of MSP

  • Multi location store.

  • Accelerate your business (in terms of sales and growth).

  • Make your presence in online and offline market.

  • Target of opening 700 stores in 70 cities and onboard 5 lakh businesses in the year 2021.

Subscription Package of MSP


Main Price

(Pre-launch offer)




25/- Per unit

80% OFF on main price

80% OFF +15 days extra + 50% OFF on One day promotional campaign

80% OFF + 90 Days extra + One day promotional campaign (worth 10,000/-)