WebloonsMall make it easy for small and micro business owners and entrepreneurs to have your own space within a shop/store and sell their product’s in the Retail Market!

WebloonsMall’s “My Slab Program” is a low cost & low-risk platform.

Subscribe for MSP at WebloonsMall from just Rs.5 Per unit.

 We Use Digitally Influence shopping format


IBC stands for Independent Business Consultant.

As an IBC, you work independently and earn high commission by selling products of Webloons Mall.

Primary Responsibility of an IBC is to recommend My Slab Program to prospective buyers like entrepreneurs, startups, businessmen, students, working professionals etc. based on their needs.

What does an IBC -Independent Business Consultant do?

  1. Connecting with Customer

  2. Understanding Customer’s Need

  3. Consulting for Right Product

  4. Lead Generation

  5. Sales

IBC Startup Kit

You will get MSP free worth Rs. 10,000/-

You will get voucher of the products in MSP worth Rs. 10,000/-

You will get a free lifetime IBC Membership worth Rs. 50,000/-.

IBC Membership Certificate. 

Lifetime access to My Slab Program (MSP).

3 days training at the time of on-boarding.

Continue training and hand holding support by Business Development Manager (BDM).

Limitless & Lifetime Earning

Get a financially abundant life for yourself & your family.
  1. Earn 1 Lac to 5 Lac per month based on the time you invest.
  2. You will be direct-in-charge of your earning.
  3. With time it will need less and less effort because…
  4. You will become more efficient.
  5. You will have a strong pipeline of customers.
  6. Your existing customers will give you a reference.

Pull Products to Sell

  1. Our products have a strong need in the market.

  2. Also there is almost no competition.

  3. That’s why our products are easy to sell in the market.

  4. You don’t need to push people.

  5. You just have to understand their concerns.

  6. Help them with the suitable products.

Two Pillars to Hold You

Pillar One

    1. High Value Products.

    2. My Slab Program (MSP)

    3. Independent Business Consultant (IBC)

Pillar Two
  1.  Support for Growth.
  1. Head Office Support
  2. Training
  3. Technology Support
  4. Self-Learning web
  5. Marketing collaterals
  6. Social Media Banners
  7. SMS Templates
  8. E-Mail Templates
  9. Website for promotions 

Low Ticket and High Ticket Price Products, so that you can cater a wide range of Customers (Ranging from 3,000 to 3,00,000)

You will also get…

  1. CRM: To manage your leads & payments

  2. LMS: To grow your learning and understand our product/services

  3. Future Products Details